Friday, February 24, 2012

More from Amber Lewis

Ok so I posted about the gorgeous home of Amber Lewis not long ago here
but I have come across more pics of her 1960's California ranch style home 
and I had to share because I just love!

Eye spy a Morrocan pouffe, such a great colour
Great mix of styles and patterns
I love the banquet and the fluffy seats

One of my obsessions - home styling with books


I'd very happily work here thanks!

It is eclectic and comfortable yet so stylish.


  1. I never get tired of looking at her work or her home - she is so incredibly talented! Love all the little details:)

  2. LOVE, Amber! Amber and I use to work together! I miss her great sense of style! She could pull a room together with a blink of an eye!!! And...a personality to boot!!!
    Great post, Sarah!

  3. Gorgeous home! I love the boho/rustic vibe + that workspace is so lovely- I could definitely work there too xx

  4. I absolutely love this home - exactly my style. A little bit Moroccan, a little bit Scandinavian, a lot of pattern. Gorgeous! xxx

  5. What stunning spaces! I must admit, I'm a bit obsessed with the book decorating too Sarah! I have way too many. Have a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  6. @Kirsten Marie, I am so jealous you have worked with Amber before and great to hear she has a fab personality too!

    @Abbey, stay posted I have some exciting news coming in the next few weeks that relates to your comment x

  7. I love all of the bright patterns - I'm looking for an area rug and might consider something a little more bold like this!


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