Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celebrity Home - Rachel Zoe

One of my guilty pleasures is The Rachel Zoe Project. Some of you may watch it, some may not! For those who don't, Rachel Zoe is the stylist the stars. She is probably best known for turning Nicole Richie around to become a very stylish girl (well I think so anyway). The show is on Foxtel and is should I say interesting, but I love it. It's follows Rachel and her styling expeditions with her assistants Taylor and Brad. It's so LA and full of crazy sayings - BA-NA-NAS

Anyway I love her old house (she now lives in a condo in LA). I would love to live in the Hollywood Hills in a great house and this is what I kind of imagine.

Love the big yellow paintings on the back wall.

I love the Missoni thrown in here

As Rachel would say "I Die" for this closet

photo credits : welcome home

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