Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Bathroom - before and after

Well my bathroom is nearly finished and I hope you would agree the after looks slightly better than the before!?!?

Before :

After :

The bath has gone. I'm not really a bath girl and I just didn't really feel I needed it even if I decide to rent out someday or resell. Glad I did it as I love the longer shower.

I am really happy with my choice of white subay tiles on the walls and the larger grey tiles on the floor. A neutral palette I can add to with colour or leave as a clean calm space.

As you can see I still need to install the shower screen which will be just a plain pane of glass. I'm a little worried though as the bathroom is tiny and when the screen is installed, it will really limit the space in regards to moving around. I also need to somehow disguise the pipe from under my "floating" vanity (don't ask)!!

I also need to put up the mirror. I have a mirror but it isn't a bathroom mirror and therefore just too heavy to put up in the bathroom. So I'm on the lookout for another one that is decorative (no plain mirrors here thanks) and I will keep it to white. I love my Missoni hand towel and I think I might get a colourful Missoni one too to bring in some colour when I feel like it.

Can't forget the throne!
I'm still contemplating wallpapering the space, just need to find the perfect one.

Thanks to my sister, with the help of Charlie for taking the before shots for me x

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  1. I just found your blog and am loving reading about your home makeover. The bathroom looks fab - have you thought about positioning the hand towel rail higher on the wall? You'd be able to see more of that beautiful Missoni pattern... can't wait to see more photos!


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