Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful DIY

Another beautiful DIY! I am all over DIY jobs at the moment and have found so many to share.

Today's is the super gorgeous Anna at Lona De Anna and the lamp she gave a new life. Check it here.

Anna picked up this fabric at Spotlight (I know right, Spotlight), so I had to get over there and got some in the orange and the blue. And to answer your question Anna, I've done nothing with them yet!! But I'm thinking to make a couple of cushions with the blue, what do you think?

Thanks for the inspiration Miss Anna xx

images lona de anna

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  1. are just too gorgeous for words...thank you darling girl...had to laugh about the have no idea how much fabric I have still sitting here...with no idea what Im going to use it cushion covers will look awesome in that blue....the easiest ones I tend to make are the envelope style fiddling...Im not a good all!! Have a wonderful weekend sweety...really..Im so bummed we wont be seeing you at the High Tea..but I will have a cupcake in your honour ;) xoxoxoxo


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