Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting To Know Me

Thank you to lovely Amanda who is the lady behind Homely One. She has tagged me in the little "about me" blog game where I answer some questions about myself. I'm honoured, so here goes.

What's your favourite time of the day?
Well it's not actually the day, it's night! I'm a real night owl. My mind is the most active at night so I find creativity, inpsiration and ideas all come to fruition at this time. I also like calm and quiet of the night.

Where did you meet the love of your life?
Unfortunately, I'm yet to meet the love of my life :( Unlike so many of my fellow bloggers, I am single lady (cue Beyonce)! But I have this feeling that he won't be too far away. Trust me when I do meet him, I'll be letting everyone know!

What 3 words would your friends outside of blogging world use to describe you?
I had ask my friends Lisa and Sam about this so I could give you an accurate answer! Lisa's first words were caring, thoughtful and generous (I also liked the bubbly yet private, good combination for a blogger) and for Samuel it was kind, exacting and genuine.
(I encourage anyone if you haven't before, ask your friends this question. It's amazing how it makes you feel and is very interesting)

What country would you most like to visit and why?
There are still so many places I want to visit, it's hard to choose just one. But one I have been thinking about a lot lately is Brazil. Heading to Rio De Janeiro for Carnaval! Seems like a really intersting place to visit, culture, history and they seem to like having fun! Obrigado, my new Portugese word I learnt recently!

What is your favourite dish to cook?
Cook?? I don't really cook... It is my goal next year to practice my cooking. I don't say I can't cook because I don't really try often enough. But Pizza is my all time favourite food, from gourmet to pretty basic and I enjoy to make them. Does that count??

Salt or sugar?
Sugar! I'm a total sweet tooth, love, love lollies, chocolate... *sigh*

What are your must have make up or beauty items?
My GHD is my absolute #1, I have crazy frizzy poodle hair that must be tamed with my GHD. Apart from that I keep it pretty simple with my make-up really, as long as I have my eyelash curler, mascara and eyebrow pencil I can get on with my day feeling pretty good.

What are your favourite flowers and why?
I do love white roses, they are so gorgeous and elegant especially when in a big tight bunch. But I also love tulips, so simple and pretty.

What are your 2 worst vices... honestly?
Oooh ok... sarcasm! I tend to be a bit sarcastic at times but have learnt to watch it as some people don't get sarcasm and that's fair enough. But I've also been able to make some great friendships with people using sarcasm, using it in the right way can be a great ice breaker! What else... funnily enough this only applies to work, not my personal life. I have a tendency to over think things. The team quite often will hear me say "what does that mean" when going through my work emails!!

At what time of your life were you happiest and why?
Luckily so many times, but definitely when these 2 little ones were born. My niece, Ruby and my nephew, Charlie.

But I also have to say right now in my life I am overall the happiest I have been. Ok so I am yet to meet the love of my life but I have a wonderful family, amazing friends, a good job with a great company, new and exciting challenges for me next year. I have my health, my first little place, I get to meets lots of new and lovely people through my little blog...
I am happiest now.

It's fun to get to know our blog friends a little bit better so now I want to pass it onto these bloggy ladies and get to know them a bit better :

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  1. Thanks for playing along Sarah - being new to your blog, I was keen to learn a little bit more about you which I feel I now have. It sounds like you have lots of positive things in your life to be happy about and your friends both used such lovely words to describe you :)

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  3. Lovely to learn a little more about you. I just love that you say you are the happiest you have been despite not having the love of your life know, that's just when he will come along :)


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