Monday, November 15, 2010

Costume dilema Pt 2

Ok, so I know I might be boring you all with my costume dilema and it has nothing to do with interiors but you are all so creative so I value your feedback. Whilst I have had some positive feedback to Margot Tanenbaum I have decided to go in another direction!

What do you think?

Alice In Wonderland / Gwen Stafani / Harajuku Girls / "What You Waiting For" inspired!

I think this will look better on me than Margot (still not Gwen quality hello!) and it's kinda cute! I will be working more towards image 3 as it will be easier to adapt.

I'll let you know what it looks like in a couple of weeks :)


  1. Love it. I was looking at Alice in Wonderland costumes. I'm going as Cleopatra.........

  2. You will look HOT as Cleopatra x


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