Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beautiful DIY

I'm lacking inspiration lately in all areas, in particular for blogging :(

But I can't help thinking of this little beauty that Nicole (Sketch 42) did for her little Cookie's room. I love it, she's so creative taking something that is inexpensive and making it look like a million bucks.

From this Ikea Lack table

to this

How adorable does it look along with the ghost chair and the stripe rug

Nicole is an incedible artist with so much creativity, jealous... beautiful work.

To read more about the process, click here.

images sketch42, ikea


  1. Very cute. I soooo wish we had Ikea in Tas!

  2. Thank you! Im so happy you liked it! It was actually really really easy to do and cost about $11 bucks TOTAL to make!

    Im going to try something like that on her shelves next.

    Try it and send me some pictures!

  3. such a good transformation!! thanks for sharing... she definitely is talented :)


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