Saturday, February 5, 2011

Movie Home : The Holiday

One of my favourite movies is The Holiday with Jude law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black. 

The Holiday is your typical little romantic, bit comedy movie about 2 ladies who at unhappy points of their lives, decide swap houses for the holidays. Now as it would happen in real life (note the sarcasm here!!) Amanda (Diaz) lives in a beautiful big LA home but she swaps with Iris (Winslet) who lives in a very pretty little cottage in England. The characters are kind of cute, story line really simple but what I really love about this movie so much are the two very different homes.

First up is Amanda's. It's a modern house but not cold :



I love the fluffy carpet. In one scene Iris suffering from some jetlag jumps into bed and with a press of a button block put blinds just roll down - now that is luxury! Below is the seating nook in the master bedroom, nice!

In the movie Diaz is in the movie business, hence why she has this wall of movies in her comfy media room.

 And then Iris' home in the Cotswolds. Not quite my personal taste but it is very cute :


 It's a good movie if you're feeling tired or not feeling well and you are just happy to snuggle up by yourself and watch it.


  1. I SO loved this movie - particularly the homes.
    Thank you for reminding me about it.

    It was a tough choice watching the movie & trying to decide which home I loved better, but in the end I fell for the comfy warmth of the cottage.

    In real life I would probably choose the clean lines and glam styling of Amanda' Hollywood pad.

    Felicity x

  2. I LOVE The Holiday!! How hot is Jude in it?? The styling throughout is brilliant! Off to rewatch Confessions of a Shopaholic now :)

  3. I'm so glad to find someone else that loves this movie!

  4. The Holiday is one of my favourite movies too - such a simple, cute storyline and adorable houses. While I love Amanda's kitchen and living room, Iris's bedroom is my favourite and I'd love to be snuggled up in her lounge in front of her fireplace with a cuppa or glass of wine in winter - so for me, I'd pick the 'cutesy cottage' :)

  5. Oh yes, what a fabulous film! I would have to pick the cottage, it's so cute. I just love the studded velvet ottoman!

  6. I fantasize about those electronic black-out shades daily!

    The pics don't quite do Amanda's house justice, do they? It was so sunny and gorgeous in the movie. Thanks for the post!

    Oh, and one of the best "interiors" in the movie was the little girls' tent, don't you think? Loved it!

  7. I vote for home number one!

    My husband is an electrician by trade and wanted to install a c-bus electrical system is our little apartment (it's our first home) so that we could have everything all electrically rigged up and automated like those blinds. You can even turn on your pool pump or the air-con by calling it on the telephone (don't ask me how!?). But then I reminded him that we have venetians. And no pool. Or air-con. HAHAHA! ; )

  8. I love the house, its like my dream to own the same = ]


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