Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Keep It Simple

A room doesn't need to be over dressed! Sometimes keeping it simple in style and colour works so well and can still be really comfortable. And it doesn't have to mean modern minamlism either. But just make sure it doesn't look nor feel like a display home! Still put in some bits and pieces that are you.

 I love this first one! The prints on the wall are fab and inject the life into the room. The sofa is simple in shape and neutral in colour with complimentary cushionsand it works well with the similar lines of the coffee table but it's adding some more tone to the space. I'd probably pile with a few more books, but that's just me.

This room is still really simple in style, the furniture and colours aren't fighting with each other. But the space has been personalised with the bookcase. Again I would have more books on the bookcase though instead of knick knacks. Looks like a nice relaxing place to be with friends, chilling out after a nice lunch!

 So sleek. All the pieces work well together and make quite an impact even though there isn't many pieces shown. Simple sofa with a good amount of cushions. Oh and I eye spy an Hermes blanket (still on my wishlist!). Coffee table is also simple and holding a good amount of books. And of course finshed off by the beautiful black and white horse images. I think I'd get along well with the owners of this room.

A little bit more of a masculine feel and a bit of a vintage look. The sofa, even in the black leather is a good design. The painting stands out for me. I imagine this room at night,  sitting chatting with friends with some red wine.

images via bellamumma, decorislikebutter, flourishdesign+style, casasugar

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  1. Love them all but I really love the 3rd photo with those black and white pictures. Mimi xx


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