Saturday, October 15, 2011

LV Marina Bay Sands

I'm back from Singapore and I have to say I absolutely loved it. I had a great time.

Singapore itself was beautiful. I have never seen a city so clean and amongst so much greenery, so pretty.

Of course being the design enthusiast I am,  I became completely smitten with the new Louis Vuitton Marina Bay Sands store - it is gorgeous and something like I've never seen before. Designed by infamous Peter Marino, it captures the feel of being on a very large yacht or luxury cruise liner.

Fortunately we were given permission to take some photo's (which is usually a big no no inside LV store's) so I can give you a little tour.

The store itself is in 2 parts, one on the MBS mall side which is linked by a tunnel under water to this crystal pavilion on the water.

The entrance from the mall side welcomes you with this display.

This stair case leads you up to the watches and fine jewellery. Behind it is the artwork of Cuban born artist Ruben Toledo who is the artist of the LV Scrapbooks.

As you enter the store you come upon the LV bookstore. Filled with various titles including LV publishing but also titles on art, design, architecture, nautical, cooking and fashion. I was in heaven here!

Following on from the bookstore you enter the art gallery which is the tunnel underwater that links you from the mall to the pavilion. In line with the island store the exhibition at the moment is on islands.

Along one wall of the art gallery is a display of the beautiful Louis Vuitton Steamer bag as it itself has travelled through time since 1901 til today. Did you know it was first designed as a laundry bag back in the day!

Up a very long escalator you arrive into the pavilion. One favourite section for me was the accessories area with textiles and fashion jewellery, so pretty.

A section of the ladies RTW and you can start to feel the enormity of this space.

On the mezzanine level is the travel world, it is amazing. They have done a fabulous job on visual merchandising and I am in love with this wall... *sigh*

Off the travel world is this outside area that feels like you are on a luxurious cruise.

Looking through the travel world off into the open space that is below. Again here you can see the height, space and light that has been created in this beautiful store.

Aaahhhh Louis Vuitton, you've done it again :)

images via myfirstlittleplace


  1. Oh how wonderful! LV really knows how to do the visual merchandising thing quite brilliantly.
    Did you get yourself a little treat?

  2. Oh Sarah Thankyou for the exclusive Tour (as I will prob not get there to check it out in person for a few yrs LOL) XX Samie


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