Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Beautiful Home

I've come across this beautiful home of Amber Lewis on Glitter Guide
Really pretty with lovely details throughout.

images via glitterguide


  1. I WANT all the colorful rugs - they are gorgeous.
    Have a splendid weekend sweetie,

  2. What a fabulous home! Love that it's small and all the gorgeousness! Enjoy the beautiful Monday ahead, Kellie xx

  3. Sarah, I really love this place...right up my alley...gorgeous! Thank you for your email..was so lovely to hear from heading right back atcha
    ; ) x

  4. Gosh there's love to love about that house. Its gorgeous. Very comfortable but stylish. Great post. x

  5. All the lighting is gorgeous especially the first one it looks like a flower

  6. Hi Sarah, You have the most beautiful blog, I've just read every post! (there is nothing I love more than finding a blog I haven't read before and going from most recent to first post! I'll definitely be back regularly (putting you on my blog roll stat)
    Love lots
    Kimberlee x


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