Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Books

The only purchase I made from LV MBS was from the bookstore! I know, I know LV you buy a bag, a wallet.... but it is a new hobby for me when I visit an LV bookstore I will purchase at least one book. I've done it twice from the LV Canton Road store and now MBS. Mmmm I should really head back to Paris just to buy a book from Champs Elysees :)

Here's my latest addition to my growing collection of books :

Morris Lapidus : The Architecture of Joy
 Love the work of Morris Lapidus so when I saw this, it was mine. 
Think Miami resort hotels of the 50's and you think Morris Lapidus. Very cool.

Kelly Hoppen : Creating a home for the way you live
My second Kelly Hoppen book and I love how she gives an in depth look at her design process accompanied by gorgeous shots of her interiors.

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  1. You can never have enough books! Do you have the LV art and architecture one? It's stunning. The LV trunk book is on my wishlist :)


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