Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 ...

I can't believe we are about to say farewell to 2011.
What a year it has been, I feel like so much has happened this year and I'm not sure how I fit it all in!


I guess first up at the beginning of the year, I moved up to Cairns. 
It was never a permanent place to be and has taken some getting used to.
The decision to move so remotely from friends and family has been a challenging situation.


I faced a few challenges and many successes at work and am proud of what I have achieved.


A few friendships have become much closer and I appreciate all their support and love. 
I don't think this year would have been as good if it wasn't for them.
Whilst maintaining these friendships next year, I want to spend some more time on a couple of other friendships.


This one speaks for itself really!

I travelled, almost every month I was on a plane whether it be within Australia or overseas.
I visited Hong Kong, Sanya and Singapore this year, all for work but managed a bit of personal time there.
Work or not, lot's of fun was had!

As always blogging has been a consistent and one of the most enjoyable parts of my life. 
I even introduced my second blog to nuture my love of fashion too, The Orange Book.
I thank everyone who reads, follows and comments on my blogs.
I can't express how much I appreciate it.


And now as the year comes to an end, I have so much going on.
I can't say too much at this time but I cannot wait to share some news with you all in the new year.


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  1. Life is one crazy adventure hey, I'm sure the best is yet to come :) Happy new year to you I look forward to hearing about your next adventures in 2012 x

  2. I know, what a year it has been. As always it goes by so quickly. I hope all your new years resolutions come true and you have a happy and wonderful 2012. Look forward to reading your blog next year too!

  3. What a gorgeous post! I know exactly what you mean by big year and don't know how you fit it all in! Have a beautiful New Year and see you in 'Blogging World' in 2012...keep on shining and smiling and keep up the amazing work you are doing on BOTH your blogs!! Miss Walker xx

  4. Hello Sarah,

    Quite the year indeed, my goodness! You're certainly bringing experience, memories and lessons with you into 2012 — I wish you the very best year yet! May 2012 be filled with delightful surprises, health and happiness... I am so pleased to "know" you through blogging :)

    Looking forward to learning more!


  5. Wow, that's quite a year!!

    I hope 2012 is good to you :)


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