Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Workspace Inspiration

To get over my disappointment of yesterday I'm looking forward. 

The workspace of J.Crew Creative Director, Jenna Lyons is the perfect space to ignite
some inspiration for me. 

Although I'm a bit of a neat freak I love that there is so much going on in her space,  
it's creative and full of collaboration. 
Just the way I like to work!

images via nymag, everythingfabulous, haustherapy, apartmenttherapy


  1. This is the sort if space I could live in, or at least enjoy having a good snoop around in.
    I'm sorry you had a disappointment, I hope it's short lived. I'm hoping next year is a great one for all of us x

  2. Ah I love Jenna's workspace - has to be one of my all time favourites! The colours are so gorgeous and vibrant and I LOVE that inspiration board! xx

  3. Jenna is a very inspiring woman. I'm in awe of her juggling her career and her homelife. And her home is gorgeous too. Amber

  4. Love that red desk! Where did you get it?


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