Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My thought for today ...

Life is full of disappointments and today I received one. It's hard when it seems all you do is 
work so hard and in the end is disappointment!

So my thought is what to do next ...

Have you ever felt the same?

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  1. Absolutely honey..felt like that alot when I was working in the Corporate world...and was constantly given a kick in the guts after so much effort..and its can really knock you for six when things like that happen..but you just have to believe that the universe has bigger plans for you..and it didnt happen because it wasnt right for you at this point in time.
    All is well in your world sweety...keep on chasing those goals and dreams.

    Sending big hugs XO

  2. yes def loving the drew barrymore quote!!


  3. It only happened to me last Friday. I let myself be disappointed for a little while and now I want to be in control of my destiny. Hugs to you. Mimi xx

  4. Everything happens for a reason!

    I imagine you will be looking back in one years time thinking how far you have come!

    People say to me you are so lucky, things just fall into your lap…..ummm if that happened then I would not be working my butt off!

    XX Samie

  5. Great and empowering quote! have to keep reminding yourself/myself of that one! x

  6. Good attitude, good advice - everyone suffers set backs, knock backs & disappointments - I guess it's how we bounce back that counts & it sounds like you have the right attitude Sarah!


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