Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Apartment update ...

I'm slowly getting there!

Fortunately my furniture and bits and pieces all fit quite perfectly into my new apartment 
and I'm so happy with how it's feeling so far.

But of course a new place requires new things.
So I'm starting to pull together some ideas of what I want to get.
But I'm on a budget, a tight one at that!

Storsele Armchair - Ikea $129
 I'm looking at getting 2 of these chairs to put on my balcony.
I don't want the balcony to be a "dining" space but more of a 
"living" space with chairs and side table.
I love these Ikea chairs and they are the perfect price.

Ludde Sheepskin - Ikea $69
 I've wanted  2 of these sheepskin rugs for either side of my bed for ages.
It will soften the space a little bit more and give a little luxe to the space.

Missoni Jarris cushion - Spence and Lyda $249
 Ok, these Missoni cushions might not be an immediate purchase (due to their price)
but I would love 2 of these to sit on the above Ikea chairs in the balcony.

Chanel Print
 I want to get this image enlarged and placed in a black frame to place in my bathroom.

Silver LOVE CANDY print - Made By Girl $35
This just might be the other print I put in my bathroom, however I do have many other hooks to
 place this on around the apartment.

images via myfirstlittleplace, ikea, spenceandlyda, madebygirl


  1. Its looking homely already, love the funky coushins. A girl can never have enough coushins!

  2. Vic @ Cush & NooksJune 6, 2012 at 1:57 PM

    I love all the details in your first photos. And, I would dearly love an Ikea in NZ - those chairs would be on my list too, along with your black & white striped rug. x

  3. It's look beautiful so far! I love the cushions - they're gorgeous! I want Missoni cushions so badly - they'll have to stay on the wishlist for a while longer, I think x


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