Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Measure of Success

Something I talk about on a regular basis in my day job with my staff is "how do you measure success"
 or "what does success look like". 
I love talking about this in both my professional and personal life. 
It's not what someone else expects of you but
how you can put your achievements, developments or growth into reality. 

So naturally I also apply this to me and my blog. 
My blog doesn't supply me an income but I put a lot of energy, thought and effort into my blog. 
So I ask myself the question "how do I measure my success with my blog?". 
There are many ways but just one way is having my blog appear on the blogroll of someone
who I really admire and am inspired by their work and blog.
 It means they read my blog! 
And not only read it, they like it! 
And not only like it, they want to share with others that they like it!
That to me is a measure of success. 

So where is all this leading ...
I appear on this

The lovely Amber Lewis has My First Little Place on her "Love List" which is just the coolest for me!

Amber is an Interior Designer who mixes the vintage glamour of old Hollywood with
the modern attitude of Los Angeles {all things I love}.
She has a great philosophy "chic should be comfortable and functional"






You might remember my past posts on Amber's fab home here and here

Thank you Amber, I'm humbled xx

all images via amberlewis


  1. You must feel chuffed and well deserving too :) I love your blog its always full of inspiring pictures and a story to go with it x

  2. myfirstlittleplaceJune 5, 2012 at 1:03 AM

     Thank you so much Michelle, such a nice thing to say x

  3. Sarah.. This is VERY exciting & a SUPER. BIG. DEAL.
    Am high 5-ing you all the way from Adelaide & doing a little happy dance in your honor. Yahooie!! xx Amelia

  4. this is awesome!!!!!!!


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