Monday, August 6, 2012

Time for a holiday ...

Very excited as this week I confirmed that I'm heading off on holidays.
I travel quite a bit, but it us usually for work. 
But this holiday is for just pure pleasure and relaxation.
In September I'll meet up with a friend in Paris for a few days and 
then we will head off to Mykonos.



I've been to Paris before but have been craving to head back again and
Mykonos, I've never been but always wanted too.
I cannot wait to spend my days by the pool drinking cocktails 
and wandering endlessly through the beautiful town of Mykonos. 



Naturally the travel itself is unbelievably fun but gosh so is the planning ...
LOVE the planning process!

Makes working so hard day to day all so worth it !!

images via hopscotchandgrace, pinterest


  1. I can't wait to see pictures and also hear about your planning! HOpefully I'll get to go one day!

    1. Thanks Kaolee, you should do it! Just jump on a plane and go x

  2. Lucky you, what a wonderful must be counting the days :)

    Have fun!!

    1. I am Simone, cannot wait is an understatement lol! I was thinking of heading over to your part of the world too but I'm pushed for time, next time x

  3. Sounds amazing Sarah! I'm actually going to Paris in October so we must share notes :) xx

  4. Yes, we must share notes. What's on your to do in Paris list so far ; ) x


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