Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Fashionable Wednesday - Street Style

Today I'm inspired by Bill Cunningham. 
I got "Bill Cunningham New York" documentary for my birthday a couple of months ago 
and have watched it over and over. For those who don't know Bill, he photographs people 
on the streets of New York showing what is real in the world of fashion on any given day
 for the New York Times.

These photo's aren't Bill's but now days there is a plethora of street photographers. 
They don't capture what Bill does but it's still great to have the assortment out there.
 Here's some of my recent favs ...







If you haven't seen this film, I urge you  too. Whether you love fashion or New York or not, 
Bill is such a humble and happy gentleman who has this really lovely life story.


  1. Whenever I'm in the city I'm looking for Bill on his bike. One day I will spot him! I love that film...isn't his voice charming? I too have seen it several times!

  2. Oh @lovelythings , you are so lucky to be so close to seeing Bill, I dream of that one day when I reach New York.
    He has the sweetest laugh x


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