Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mon Journal

I wanted to share with you my latest purchase because it's just too cute not to really.

It's called a Mon Journal .....


The journal contains :
. 2012, 2013 calendars
. yearly plan 2pgs
. 12 months monthly
. 60 weeks weekly
. free notes 10pgs
. an envelop attached to back to carry loose paper
. personal data 1pg








I love journals and diaries like this as it helps to keep the creativity and inspiration alive.
And even in the days of pinterest, it's still fun to physically put your images and thoughts down on paper.
It's from a site I stumbled upon here, invite.L

all images via inviteL

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  1. Oh your journal is so pretty! I love discovering new stationery so thank you for the introduction. I hope you had a lovely weekend xx


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