Sunday, September 9, 2012

Celebrity Home - Lake Bell

I first saw actress Lake Bell in the TV Miss Match with Alicia Silverstone (did you ever watch this?)
 and then went on to see her and like her in movies such as Over Her Dead Body, 
What Happens In Vegas, No Strings Attached and one of my favourite tv shows  
How To Make It In America.

Lake opened her home recently to Vogue. Her mum is an interior designer so it's no wonder 
that she's has a really great style and she's clearly made her West Hollywood home her own. 
It's not too precious or styled and has some quirk and personality.
 It's different from what I am usually drawn to but I like it, especially the outside areas.












What do you think?

images via vogue


  1. I LOVE how all of her jewellery is displayed + her workspace is divine xx

  2. I love her home office but the whole house is very chic, stylish and creative.

  3. Nicely done, and the yellow and green colors go so well with lake bells eyes hair and skin


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