Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday - Rosie Huntington Whitely


So envious of this lady! Not only because of her stunning looks and a body we'd all kill for but for her handsome man in her life, Mr Jason Statham. Yes, I am a fan of this ruggedly handsome Brit and it's usually the only time I'll watch an action/violent...ish film is when he is starring in it! 






Not sure about his trainers here and below ... but I'm not going to be picky


Hermes and bare feet!
Super stylish travelling couple


  1. I'm pretty envious of her killer wardrobe too :) x

  2. Love her casual style...looks so effortlessly put together..very chic!

  3. She's gorgeous!! I love the pic of her bare feet too, she looks so carefree


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