Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Miranda Kerr - Into The Gloss

Just came across this great little piece on Miranda Kerr on Into The Gloss and felt compelled to share ...

I don't know about you but I'm jumping at the chance to find out what this supermodel, wife and mother does to maintain her beautiful on the inside and out! (oh plus have a little peek into her New York home)

I'm trying this :  "Hair-wise, I love using coconut oil as a treatment and apple cider vinegar for shininess—you put on a little bit in the shower as a rinse, and then wash it out. It stinks a little, but then you use conditioner and the smell goes away. I’m obsessed with having clean hair. This is all my natural color, except for a tiny little bit around my face, which was just bleached for a shoot to make it look sun-kissed." - Miranda Kerr



 Read a lot more here at Into The Gloss.

all images via intothegloss


  1. Those photos look so real, like someone actually lives there not just styled to perfection which is a nice change! Miranda is quite the natural beauty x

  2. What a beautiful place! Would of expected no less x


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