Thursday, July 11, 2013


I love illustration, unfortunately I am not gifted in that area!

I've featured illustration on the blog before but today I wanted to show you some of the beautiful 
works of Little Miso - Janice Law.

I met Janice whilst living in Perth as a friend recommended her to help with my logo for Our Little Place.
Janice created my logo - which I love.


And my business cards ...

And now this weekend she completed another project for me, icons for the book shop ...

I am thrilled with the result and exactly what I was looking for ♥ happy dance ♥ , 
you're such a talented lady!

Thanks Janice xx

all images via littlemiso


  1. That's one talented lady! I love love love the logo!

    1. Thanks Meghan, she is and she hit the nail on the head straight away!

  2. They look fantastic, very professional and very unique for your business. I hope things are going well for you! x


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