Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Musings


Have a great day 


  1. I love all of these Sarah, great images :)

    The Naomi/Kate photo made me smile, I've never been in the "cool girl" gang....though I do love Kate Moss!

    LOVE the idea of an "adventure jar", I am going to make those for my children - and maybe I should have one too :)

    Love the 2nd & 4th images, I could live quite happily with those.

    And the last shot is the cafe in Borough Market, London's flower market....I love it there.

    Glad you liked the quote on my blog today, perfect for you!!!

    Happy Week-end Sarah Xx

    1. I love the Naomi/Kate quote (from Mean Girls), just a little light humour ;)

      Thanks for letting me know about the cafe in Borough Market, I was always wondering where this was. I'm heading over to London next year and I wanted to add this to my must visit list, and now I can. Thank you yay xx


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