Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hotel - Crown Towers, Melbourne

When travelling for work, we get spoilt!

I stayed in one of Australia's luxury hotels during my trip to Melbourne this week and I highly suggest if you are visiting Melbourne, treat yourself and stay at The Crown Towers Hotel. It felt so lovely and that no-one had stayed there before me, it was so clean and comfortable. Beautiful big king size bed that I could have stayed in forever.

I loved the walk in robe

The bathroom was AMAZING. You entered through two big glass doors to find a very inviting bath with a TV at the end of it (LOVE this), both the toilet and shower were in their own glassed cubilcles. There were also 3 levels of lighting you could have too.

My running bath where I got to relax and watched Brothers and Sisters - heaven.......

This is the bar that is next to the walk in robe but you could see through from the robe into the room. Divided by this really nice chandelier.

These curtains are great and I was thinking of a similar idea for my bedroom but grey and white thick stripes instead.

Love this little sitting nook.

The view from my room looking over the Yarra River - so Melbourne.

{images via my first little place}

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