Monday, March 1, 2010


Today was a very overcast and rainy day here on the Gold Coast. I had the day off so I thought what a nice indulgence to curl up on a Monday morning and watch a movie. As I flipped through the movie channels, I came across Twilight which was just starting.
That's right, I believe I maybe the only person in the universe to have not seen Twilight yet! I'm not usually into those movies that everyone sees and loves and has a mass following. Plus the idea of vampires didn't overly appeal to me (unless it's The Lost Boys). With that being said I thought I would succumb to popular culture and see what the all the hype is about.

So did I like it? Well yes, I actually found it to be quite a good film. The performances by Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) were very impressive, I could definitely feel the intenseness of their attraction. And even though I don't find him very attractive, I would have fallen for him too! *sigh*

But as I do with every movie I watch, I analyse the sets and the homes - naturally! And I was impressed with the contemporary style of the Cullen house. Although I found this an interesting choice for a family of vampires even if it is in the middle of the forrest. I haven't read the book but apparently in the book the Cullen house is an old Victorian house, but I think the contemporary style suits the film.

The actual house is called The Hoke House and designed by Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture and is 4300 squares. I would call it divine design.

I love the entrance to the house, the scale of the door is great

The staircase as seen in the movie below

The kitchen as seen in the movie below with the Cullen's preparing a meal for the human!

{images via Hooked on Houses, Design Tavern, Twilight)

To see more images of this beautiful house head over to Design Tavern

Will I watch the rest in the series?? Maybe......

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  1. Ahhh welcome to the dark side! I feel the same as you, I'm not a fan of RPatz but I am a fan of him as Edward. The house is not what it is in the book but she does describe it as being modern.


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