Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zara Home

One consistent thing amongst all the girls at work is when any of us travel overseas Zara is a must stop to shop! To the point we don't actually want it to come to Australia because it is so much fun to look forward to when heading overseas.

To add to that excitement (well for me anyway) Zara has continued their design fabulousness with Zara Home *big grin*! Now there is alot of colour and whilst I love colour, I just don't use colour so much but I'm rethinking that. Here's some of my favourite finds and things I would instantly buy for my first little place. Not surprising they are grey, white, silver and yellow!

Remember I have been looking for knobs like these - FOUND!

Gypsy Knob

These knobs are cute and could look great on my plain white chest of drawers

Henri Knob

This lamp is gorgeous and 2 of them would look fab in my bedroom

Lewis Lamp

This is cute and too could look lovely in my bedroom

Marlowe Box

Again for my bedroom, the velvet would continue to bring that bit of luxe to the space

Vef Cushion

Ok so this is a little different but you know I like it for a bit of fun

Punk Tableware

This is the perfect cushion for my balcony. The balcony leads off my bedroom so I want to continue the colour theme of the bedroom and give it a more outdoors Hamptons feel

Reggie Cushion Grey

And with the same cushion but in my other favourite colour yellow, this would go out in the backyard setting (yet to buy!!) I would like to introduce some colour to the outside area

Reggie Cushion Yellow

So, who's off overseas next?? I'll give you my shopping list :p

{images Zara Home}

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