Friday, October 29, 2010

Back from NZ

I've just got back from spending a few days in Queenstown, New Zealand. Even though I was there for work I did manage to have a brilliant time in this amazingly gorgeous place. Queenstown would be a perfect place to have maybe my third holiday house, just hop over there for a few weeks/months to just relax and enjoy the amazing surroundings {i wish}

We went on the jetboats (you can see our little red boat there) which is a must do if you venture to Queenstown. It's not scary but alot of fun and the scenery is unbelievable.

And this is me! I don't usually post pics of me but I do love that background

But now I'm back and looking forward to catching up on all my favourite blogs!

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  1. Gorgeous pics.

    I cannot wait to explore NZ one day. Everyone who has been says it's amazing...

    And yes, a holiday house there would be superb!



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