Saturday, October 30, 2010

On my wish list...

Is a Featherston Contour Chair R160!

I think it would look perfect in my living area. I love it's simplicity and it's clean lines.

The story of how the Featherston came about is actaully quite interesting. It was designed in 1951 by Australian Grant Featherston. One day as he was sitting on a tram, Featherston was fiddling around with his ticket. He folded the ticket in such a way that when the two ends met, it created an interesting curve. The curved ticket became the basis of his iconic Featherston's series of chairs and lounges. Don't you love where inspiration can come from?

I love the blue one but I would have to go for the simplicity of white in my space.

One day...

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  1. Love too, but way out of my price range for the moment.

    I think they would look lovely in any colour.

    Sandy K


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