Monday, February 27, 2012

Fur for the bedroom

I know it's crazy, I live in a hot and humid climate but I can't help but think about a fur throw for the bed. Maybe it's because it's so hot outside, I have the cold air conditioner blasting inside.
I love the look, the feel and the cosy aspect of them.
So chic....








I do love it but I think I'd need to be in a colder climate to have one on my bed!

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  1. I'm loving the furs on the bed, they are super luxurious! I live in a very hot climate though so I will have to admire from a far! Beautiful :)

  2. Very luxurious - a great idea (as long as it's faux, of course!).

  3. There's just something so luxe about fluffy fur! I love that first room :)

    Abbey x

  4. @Brooke, lol YES of course we only do faux .... :)
    @Abbey, I love the white FAUX fur throw, so chic and soft

  5. gimme that first bed! i love a good fur too! i'm staging a house on Wednesday, and we've got soooo much fluff and fur everywhere!
    I LOVE,it!

  6. Such a glam look + there is also something incredibly luxurious about fur - the last bedroom is gorgeous xx

  7. Our bedroom is crispy and white and I have been wanting to just bite the bullet and buy a brown fur throw. With the weather warming up I am afraid I should just give up the dream, but then I find myself everyday wishing I had already made the purchase. You should go for it!

  8. It would be really great for winter.

  9. @ Kirsten Marie, I love that you are incorporating fur into some staging, you don't usually see that.
    @Rachel, I know the last one is divine isn't it
    @Whitney Kaye - you go for it too girl, don't worry about the temp hehe!
    @Jewel Divas, bring on winter :)


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