Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moroccan Pouffe

I've been thinking about getting a Morrocan Pouffe for my living area for quite sometime now, but something has always held me back. But I just don't know what it is!

They suit a wide variety of design styles and are so practical as little side tables or of course to put your feet up on as you sit with your laptop on your lap blogging away (right?)






For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now would know that my living space is white, yellow with touches of grey and silver. 
Louise at Table Tonic has every colour under the sun to choose from, 
so I have narrowed my choices down IF I go ahead and get one they would be ...

I didn't put the white as I already have a lot of white going on so I'm thinking of some contrast.

They're only $199, not a huge dent in the budget but still it has to be a carefully considered decision!

I would love to hear which colour you think I should go for or if you have another opinion in colour (or even style) I would definitely appreciate any and/or all of your feedback.

Thanks !

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  1. Poufs are so fun and so hot right now. I would get he gray one, you wont get tire of it as quickly as the yellow one. Poufs are so versatile for any space, I don't think you'll regret it once you have it!

  2. I bought two pouffes from Morocco last year. They are amazing to say the least. I personally would go for brown leather, something that can fit with the rest of your furniture in any room. xo

  3. $199 EACH!!!!!

    Blimey, too expensive for my budget. I loved the pink ones but yellow is good too. Nice and sunny and bright.

  4. I love mine, even though naughty little Jasper has claimed it and sleeps on it. You MUST get one! x

  5. @emily thanks for your suggestion, I think you could be right I think the grey is a good choice for the long term too.

    @stringsandbuttons I'm jealous you actually purchased yours in Morroco so every time you use yours you remember your travels. Brown would be nice but don't think it will work in my space, thanks for the suggestion.

    @jeweldivas the price is quite good as they are beautiful leather and I knw I would use a lot so I can justify it. Yellow is gorgeous tho isn't it.

    @britt haha what a lux cat bed! Your green one in WIR does look really good.

  6. Thanks so much for the lovely mention Sarah!

    Don't forget to enter code SHOPSMART at checkout for 25% off everything at the Table Tonic online store!


  7. I love Table Tonic but I did find some Moroccan Pouffes in the UK that look the same and work out at about $120 with postage.....
    I am buying the yellow from the UK

  8. @Louise, thanks Louise it will help when a decision is finally made! What colour do you think?

    @Anon, thanks that's a great price and there are a few places out there that sell them but I want to get mine from Table Tonic as it's important for me to support local businesses and Louise has been a good bloggy friend to me. For me loyalty important.

  9. Love your blog, my fave!

    I am buying my next one from the UK too, a lot cheaper than TT. I hope Louise gives you more than a 25% discount for the shout out!

  10. I love the Table Tonic pouffes and have been eyeing off then off for ages!! I love the style on their website too.

    Let's not even mention the bed covers...

    However I have spent the last 6 months not working and finishing off my degree. As soon as I am working again I will be purchasing. Now do I get white, red or silver??? One, two or all three???

  11. @Anon, thank you very much, really appreciate the kind words and for reading my blog. I have to see pics when your pouffes arrive from the UK. LOL, no Louise doesn't need to do anything it's all good.

    @Vanessa, the red ones are gorgeous get it for yourself as a reward for all your studying :)

  12. I recently bought a pouffe from Table Tonic for the baby nursery. I just love it. It is candy pink and adds a pop of colour to her room. I definitely think they are worth it. I tend to stick with neutral colours with my furniture, but in this case I think you should go all out and pick something bold. They are a good statement piece. Just make sure you dont pick a colour you will hate in 6 months (lol that is something I would do).

  13. @Yahnay, ink too cute I think they look so gorgeous in nursery and kids rooms. Such a great point in picking the colour!


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