Sunday, February 12, 2012

Summary of my week ...

This has been my head and my life in the past week ...


Just let people do what they need to do and get on with your own stuff.


 It has been insanely hot here in Cairns. 
It is normally wet season here by now so whilst there is usuallystill high humidity about
it should be just a slight bit cooler. 
It is just too hot right now!


So it's kind of strange that I have been thinking about winter clothing isn't it?? 
(It must be the cranked up air conditioner)
But I am loving the little ankle boots for Winter dressing, it's a must.


And probably the biggest thing for the week was related to work. 
That time of the year to have a "review" with the big boss.
All went well and I'm a happy girl whhich is always nice.
Good to know I'm on the right path, made good decisions and
I'm looking forward the what's ahead in 2012.

But I can't believe it's time to start the week all over again.

Have a great one xx

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