Monday, February 13, 2012


So tonight was the Revenge debut on Australian TV. 

As I've mentioned before, thanks to my dear friend Nick this show is my newest addiction.
We've been a bit cheeky and watched all the eps so far on the net and 
we anxiously await each week to quickly get online to watch. 

I do love the storylines, so well written and a tad clever.

But naturally I can't help but love the beautiful homes in the Hamptons setting.

Grayson Manor


The guest room - gorgeous headboard
Dining room has an outdoor indoor feel
Kitchen and breakfast area - love the light
Exterior of Emily's Beach House
Beautiful pieces of furniture in Emily's home

Wrap around porch, a must when living on the beach in the Hamptons

True loyalty takes years to build and only seconds to destroy - Emily

So please tell me,
what did you think of Revenge? 
Did you love it as much as I do or do you have a different opinion?


  1. Oh thank you so much for these amazing images. I will have to watch this show. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  2. Loved it, Sarah! That Victoria - wow, what a piece of work!

  3. Unfortunately it was also on at the same tme as Alcatraz and Supernatural, so I was flicking back and forth between everything.

    Hopefully 7 will repeat it sometime in the next week so I can get a good look. I did see the opening and wasn't sure about starting with a look five months in the future, but the producers obviously thought it was the way to start the series.

  4. Loved it - I was almost drooling over the interiors. Of course, my husband couldn't stand it, he thought all the characters were "bitter and twisted". I'm not sure what he expected, the show is called Revenge after all.

  5. You have me intrigued- I really want to watch this now! the Hamptons house looks incredible too {i'd watch it just for that!} xx

  6. I have just done the same thing. I can never wait for the whole season to come out in Australia. I have the final episode to go and I cant wait. I also love the decor, but how good is the fashion too. I have a fashion post ready for next week. Great minds think alike. Hope you have a great weekend. xx


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