Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Fashionable Wednesday - Olivia & Johannes

I don't think it would be possible that Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend, model Johannes Huebel 
could be anymore stylish than they already are! 
Seriously, they look like their lives are part of an endless magazine editorial ...









  1. They are unbelievably gorgeous together, so beautiful....but I also love that they are clearly very comfortable together, it looks to be a very genuine relationship.

    What I wouldn't give for her wardrobe??!!

    Great pics :)

  2. Love these pics! I adore her style, and yeah they do look pretty photo shoot ready every time they leave the house! Of course it helps that they're both gorgeous!

  3. They are a gorgeous couple, love them! x

  4. They really are two beautiful people. And that pink dress Olivia is wearing....wish I had one!

  5. Styled to within an inch of their life!! Love Olivia so chic adn Johannes doesn't look half bad in a suit..


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