Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catching Up

Apologies I have been M.I.A of late. 
I've been in Sydney for work this week.

It's always a really tight schedule when I go but I got to at least spend 
one day with a couple of girlfriends, which was so great to catch up with them.

After having yum cha for Sunday lunch we headed down to Bondi to see the 
Sculpture By The Sea which was kind of cool and something a bit different. 

Maurizio Perron - Paper Boats

Subodh Kerkar - The Chilly  (in the distance)

Paul Trefry - Knot Standing

Cave Urban - Mengenang (Memory)

Rachel Couper & Ivana Kuzmanovska - Mirador


Tae-Guen Yang - I Am So Sorry

Then it was straight into work and work dinners from Monday through to Wednesday,
 which fortunately was also very lovely. Oh and just a little bit of shopping sshh ...

So I shared this via my instagram

Over the bridge we go ...

Beautiful dinner at a private home, so lovely and great food

Heading up to  the Gowings Bar and Grill at the QT hotel



My new shoes, too cute and I ♥ them

I have realised though that the 3 hour time difference between Perth and Sydney 
is quite challenging for me to jump into 3 days of work, I must be getting old!

 images via myfirstlittleplace


  1. I was in Sydney last week for work as well it is a killer that flight back 5 hrs and the time difference. We definatley are getting old lol :)
    Cute shoes x


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