Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photography Love

Now I tell you, this is the thing I love about Pinterest. 
I came across this beautiful image that someone I follow had pinned on one of their boards.

Gorgeous right? Can't believe someone gets to actually work here!
So I clicked on the image and it took me to the site where the picture originated from.
It was a photographer whose work, primarily weddings was just stunning.
So I kept flipping through and thought when (??) I get married,
I would love this photographer to record the day for us but I just bet that she lives overseas.
I kept looking through and no, she's Australian ... 
but wait it gets even better ... 
she's from Perth - her studio is even in the same neighbourhood that I live in! 

Love how pinterest can connect you when you don't expect it. 

So with my little story, I am compelled to share with you some beautiful images from photographer
 Jemma Keech









So gorgeous right?
You can see more of Jemma's work on her website and blog

Now I just need to find a husband lol !!

** Please note I haven't been paid in anyway for anything written here or anything on my blog. 
I post it purely because I genuinely love the work and simply love to spread the word**

all images via jemmakeech


  1. What a small world!! How funny that Pinterest led you to a photographer in the same area as you - amazing!!

    Her work looks stunning, such gorgeous shots x

  2. Ain't that the beauty of Pinterest - what a small world! Gorgeous photos, hope you get married soon so we can see your photos :) x

  3. I know ladies, right. Who knows who you'll come across.

    Oh and thanks Vic, me too ;)



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