Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Crushes

I have been a been really enjoying these 2 blogs of late. 
Whilst they are quite similar in many respects they are also both individual. 

The first one is  
I first came across Nat by this image of her at the ALT Summit 
which has been shared all over blogs and Pinterest (super stylish)

Very well written, Nat takes us on her journey of her life and work in New York
with her husband Brandon and their simply gorgeous little boy Henry, also known as Huck.
She captures her life in beautiful images and at times posts really cute little video's of Huck.



The next one is  
 written by Taza.

Having just relocated from Washington, DC back to New York with her husband Josh, two adorable children Eleanor and Samson and their English Bulldog, Kingsley we are given insight to a young family life through images of family, food, fashion, interiors, shoppping, streets ... 

Do you find over the years that you become attracted to different styles of blogs? 
Can certain blogs you like to read (consistently) tell you something about your own life? 
I'm kind of thinking that with these two beautiful blogs.

I thank both ladies for sharing their lives with us.

all images via natthefatrat and rockstardiaries


  1. Thanks for linking these two, I'm instantly in love!

  2. I love finding new blogs to read so thanks for sharing!

    And I definitely change blogs depending on what I'm drawn to at the time.

  3. Will click over and take a peek I love to mix it up with my blog selection we are just so spoiled for choice it is fantastic! So much to learn :)


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