Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday - Harper Beckham

So I'm back just in time for a Fashionable Wednesday.
But today I'm putting a little bit of a different spin on it.
Today we're looking at one of the cutest little munchkins out there -
Harper Seven Beckham!

With stylish parents such as hers it is no wonder that even at such a young age, 
Harper is getting her fashion spot on (ok so we'll give her mum credit here)


Marie Chantal navy wool anorak

Bonton yellow shirt, Zara Kids boots
Roberto Cavalli Kids, Hunter silver boots


Cardigan and blouse by Chloe with Zara Kids boots

Papillon Bonton top, blue skinny jeans by 7 for mankind and UGGS


Burberry cape, Chloe beanie, dress Bonpoint

Oh she's just so scrumptious isn't she?


  1. Oh my gosh, that last picture!! she is FRIGGING ADORABLE!!

  2. So cute I love the little boots :) Such a hipster!


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