Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday - Long Skirts


I love a long skirt ...
(and I don't like the name maxi skirt by the way!)

I love long skirts no matter if they are on trend or not.
I love them for all seasons, day or night
They are so comfortable, yet casual chic

What do you think, do you like a long skirt?

images via pinterest


  1. LOVE! I actually wore a black one on Tuesday to work :-) I agree, hate the word maxi, it makes me think of a pad :-P

    1. Yes, totally that's what puts me off! But what makes it "maxi" just because it's long?!

  2. I love love long skirts! I am super picky with the waist bit, they need to sit properly so not too many have been added to my wardrobe so far.

    Any good places in the GC that have long skirts? I got my time off approved :D:D will share more this week! x

    1. This is true and tricky! Yay for your time off, now you can come explore the East coast a bit more hehe. Keep me updated x


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