Monday, June 17, 2013

Squarespace Headquarters

This is very cool on two levels!

Squarespace is a fully hosted environment for creating and maintaining a website 
with sophisticated yet easy to use interfaces and do it yourself tools to help you
 produce a high quality website.

I myself am using Squarespace for Our Little Place and I love it. 
The websites are so easy to build and they do look very sophisticated. 
I'm not very techie, but I think I've done a good job with it so far. 
They are also reasonably priced and have fantastic customer service - 
always on hand to help you out (no matter how silly the questions are) 

But they recently invited a photographer inside their Manhattan HQ
 to shoot an inside Google Street View! 
I have not heard of this before. 
So basically you know how you can do your street view ... 
well if you click on the double arrow it will take you inside!

And here's what I found ...

The reception area

Dining area between the kitchen and the workspace


The "resource centre" I guess (I think they need more books right?)


Boardroom - I'd be holding meetings all the time in here!

Cool right!

When I saw these images it just reaffirmed that this is the right company to be hosting my site.
I'd love my HQ to look like this one day - open space, dark floor boards, white walls and huge windows.

If you want to have a go, click here
(just remember to click the double arrow forward to go inside the building)

Have you come across anywhere else that you can go inside via Google Street View?

FYI, this isn't a paid post haha

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