Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Fashionable Wednesday - Leigh Lezark

I'm feeling the style of Leigh Lezark today. Love her hair, doesn't she just look so the part of a New York DJ/model....(which she is in case you didn't know)

Cute and fluffy in Chanel

 Love the skirt - style and colour

Adore the peacock feathers, so chic

In (and with) Matthew Williamson!

On another note, I'm getting my hair permanently straightened tomorrow, sooo excited. 
It's a lovely gift from the girls (and boys) at work as a farewell gift. After 7 years they sure know me well :) Has anyone had it done? I hope it lasts for awhile!


  1. I have issues with my hair being wavy in some parts and crimpy in others. I had it straightened a long time ago and it can dry your hair out if it is the same kind that I got way back when. but.... have you heard about "Brazilian Blowout"?? I want to get one sooooo bad. It is really expensive but you hair comes out looking really shiny and healthy and straight. Google it if you haven't heard about it.

  2. She is stunning. I'm booked in to have my hair colored tomorrow, I was planning on changing my dark locks to a much lighter shade. After seeing your post I have decided that dark looks so sleek and stylish. I always look forward to your Fashionable Wednesday.

  3. LOVE that Chanel dress - hot hot hot!

    Enjoy the hair - awesome present from your work buddies!!

  4. Yes, I've had it done (a couple of times). It works -- but for my hair, it never gets sleek and smooth like Leigh Lezark's.
    Hope yours looks just like you want it to!!!

  5. PS - hope you don't mind, I directed my readers over to have a look at this week's Fashionable Wednesday post, was too good not to share!

  6. Gorgeous shots ~ especially love the casual but stylish last one. The body stance matches the clothes.
    Oh and that demurely pretty Chanel number.

    Have fun with your new hairdo!


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