Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Mother Nature ??

I received a call from my dad tonight asking if I was going to have a store to go to in Cairns (for those who don't know I work in retail hence the store question)! Only a couple of days ago I posted about my new move and promotion to lovely Cairns in Far North Queensland. Well tonight, only weeks after South East Queensland was hit by massive floods, Cairns is now bracing itself for a monster cyclone - category 4 to be precise with winds of up to 250 km/h! 

I'm lucky I haven't moved there yet but I am so scared for everyone I know living in Cairns.

Mother nature, what did Queensland do to deserve all this ??

Stay safe everyone  xx

image via weheartit


  1. hy! i really love your style! so fresh! come check my blog, you`ll love it , i promise! would make me really happy if you return the favor and follow me too! regards from gaby!

  2. Gosh, it's a worry. I see they think it's now cat 5. I just hope everyone keeps safe.

  3. I was thinking about your move this morning when I was watching the morning news. XX Love to everyone in Nth QLD.

  4. Oh no, it can be scary, we lived in Darwin for a few cyclones, it's pretty full on!! Good luck to what you're going to move up to . . . love Posie


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