Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a day...

Ok, so I know we aren't huge fans of somewhat depressing posts but you know sometimes you just gotta get it out. 

I've had a really bad day, actually make it week! You know when sometimes your best is just not good enough? You try to do the best for people and do your best to understand their situations and circumstances but then there are people who just will never see or even to try to understand the efforts you put in.

I know, I'm not responsible for how other people feel or react to situations but ...

And why is it that when something on a not so positive side raises it's ugly head, you really only ask yourself what did I do wrong? How could I have done it better? Which are good questions to ask but why don't we start to ask the question well what do I feel I did well in this situation first? 

I'm sorry to babble and even though I feel like curling up in a little ball and locking myself away for a couple of days, tomorrow is another, I have to get up, face the day and deal with what comes before me.

Please Friday be a better day!

image via everything fab


  1. May Friday be fabulously glorious for you, and if it isn't.. just remember it's almost the weekend! Don't sweat the small stuff and remember we love what you do! xxx :)

  2. I like that quote and I hope you're feeling much better! Some days are diamonds and some are just, well, crap! Rachaelxx


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