Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekend of Bazaar Stingray's!

I'm signing off for the week a little early. I have 30 of my work colleagues arriving on the Gold Coast this weekend ready for a 3 day conference on Monday. Looking forward to seeing everyone as we all get along really well, should be fun.

One place I will be taking them to is the very revamped Gold Coast International (GCI) hotel - now called QT Gold Coast. GCI has been around on the Gold Coast for years and was in dire need of a revamp. The restaurant, bar and foyer have been completed and I was super impressed when I went there for breakfast this week. This is a huge thing for the Gold Coast as we don't really have anything like this (Gold Coast is a little backwards in terms of commercial design). 
They even state themselves "a designer hotel haven unlike anything Surfers Paradise has seen before" and I strongly agree. 

This is Bazaar, no ordinary hotel restaurant. I've only been for breakfast and I was so impressed with the buffet available, it was truly delicious and as presentation is everything - was amazing. A friend of mine has had dinner there and also said it was fantastic. 

This is Stingray Bar - a sophisticated refuge from Surfers Paradise. They call this our local Californian Baja lounge. Haven't been here yet but I think I'll take a friend here on the weekend. 

This is the new foyer.

Cute hey? And it has a really great ambience.
I'm looking forward to spending some more time here before I move to Cairns (eek one more week til that too)

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies, see you all soon 


  1. Love chic and funky! One week? that has gone super quick! Have a great weekend lovely x

  2. Holy Moly! That's almost unrecognisable as the old GCI. It was in dire need of a revamp.

    I've been looking at places to stay on the GC recently and have struggled. This place looks fantastic, thanks for the heads up.

    Have a great weekend x

  3. Wow I just might have to take a trip up that way to check it out, it looks gorgeous! You must be nervous/excited bout your move? Hope you have a beautiful weekend xx

  4. It looks gorgoeus. Wow, a week till Cairns. How exciting! Enjoy! Emma.

  5. You should def try Bazaar if you can, it's amazing. Here is my blog review with loads of pics too.


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