Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beautiful way to start the day ...

I did the most beautiful thing today. 
Picked up at 4am (!!!) we headed up to Mareeba which is about one hour 
out of Cairns to go Hot Air Ballooning. 
It's something I had always thought about doing so we decided why not. 
I wasn't nervous at all, surprisingly but just excited.

 As we arrived, the group before us was just taking off ...

 Then it was time for our balloon to get ready ...

 Eeek I'm chosen to be the first one in the basket ...

And up we went!

It's just not what I thought it would be at all.It is so quiet, so calm. 
You don't even feel like you're moving at all but then you realise the ground 
is getting further and further away and you just don't feel any fear.  
There is no desire to be holding on, you kind of feel free.

We got so high, 4,200 feet to be exact and we were surrounded by the clouds.
It was just white and silence - amazing. Such a surreal feeling. 
In the picture above you can see around the shadow of our balloon a rainbow circle.

Before we knew it we had to come back down. 
Our pilot Jay was amazing at what he does, it was so smooth. 
Smack bang in the middle of a field there was one bump as we landed and
then another slight one, but that was all.

 Fun part was you get to help the boys pack up the balloon 
which involved getting all the air out of it!

Now you all know I don't advertise or do any of that stuff on my blog.
I share what I truly love and if you are ever in the Cairns region you need to do this.
And you need to go through Hot Air.
They are also located on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

It was a truly beautiful experience and the views just lovely.
The pilot and all crew were really great, professional and alot of fun.

all images via myfirstlittleplace


  1. I love hot air ballons, but I'm scared of heights... So I don't think I could actually ride in one. Looks like it's fun!

  2. Just catching up on some old posts - this looks like an amazing adventure - I did it once in Alice Springs - what a blast!!!


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