Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bedroom inspiration ...

This bedroom from the blog Breakfast at Toast was featured in the lastest Rue magazine.
I'm inspired because a) it's white, b) I have that same doona cover, c) it's fairly simple and d) it's just pretty and girly but not too much so.
Love this picture as you enter into the bedroom


I like the side table as it adds a little gold to the room


Such a nice cushion, I like that it adds some colour to the space

Mmmm, it's making me rethink my bedroom!

images via rue, breakfastattoast


  1. I love all of the white and prettiness! I have that cover too. xx

  2. Such a beautiful room; I love how light and bright it is and the white and pink palette is lovely xx

  3. oh yes, i loved this too - absolutely beautiful, love that it is 'girlie' but not OTT 'girlie'. and the last two posts and apartments?? died and gone to heaven. You find the best stuff my darling! x

  4. What a lovely serene bedroom, what a great place to escape the busy world. The painting in the first pic is so cute. xxx

  5. love the polka dot art in the first photo :)


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