Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Donate to Heal Amelia's Life

Thank you all for your comments and emails regarding the below post, I have forwarded onto Amelia. 
To know she has support, even from strangers I'm sure helps her get through the day to day 
of her battle just even a little bit.

I now have details to make a donation for her via paypal, her paypal account is :
Whatever you can donate will be amazing.

And I know Amelia would want to be saying a big thank you to everyone out there who can help her.

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  1. Get this book for her parents or for you to read. If you want health you have to help yourself. Doctors only want to support the drug companies if more people knew about this "The One Minute CURE"
    The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, they the doctors and pharmaceutical companies would be out of business. What's in this book would definitely bring about a cure research it for yourself online.
    Let others know about this, so we can all help each other as God intended
    Wishing you and Amelia good health and success.
    God Bless!


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