Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where I want to stay ... Greece

The Aenaon Villas Hotel in Santorini, Greece look like heaven.

Consists of only 7 rooms which come with free WiFi and a library of books, CDs and DVDs, 
flat screen TVs, CD/DVD player and a full kitchen.
Rates of double rooms from AU$330.









Yes, I think these rooms, the pool and this view would do nicely for a few days {or weeks!}

images vis mrandmrssmith


  1. How divine, yes, I'll stay there too. I've been to Corfu, but would love to go back to the Greek Islands with hubby one day. xx

  2. I do not like white, yet somehow it just works in a Greek seaside village.

    Everytime I see a painting of a Greek seaside I get lost in the picture and it makes me want to be there. Little boats bobbing on the water, little white houses stretching down the hill, little shops painted with little people.

    Great photos. I'm already off on holiday!

  3. Oh it looks amazing! I would love to be there right now... ;-)

  4. Oh my! Beautiful! I'd love to wisk away there for a few days (years). Thanks for sharing.

  5. Is it because I have a child and could never get away with that much white in my house that I have been staying at the post for a while? so incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ok, this place looks amazing! I'm definitely bookmarking this so that if / when I go to Greece I stay here! xx


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