Monday, January 16, 2012

Special Post ...

This is a bit of a special post that if you have time, please read.

I have a friend who I have known for many years. Her name is Amelia, we met at school and instantly had a connection with a love of fashion. When we met, her health wasn't 100% but we used to sit for hours watching anything and everything that involved fashion, vogue, supermodels (oh and a bit of Oprah) and talking about our dreams of her one day having her own fashion label and me my own modelling agency. 
Proud to say we both had a go at both our dreams.

Amelia in blue and I taken exactly 13 years ago today at a Studio 54 party

But our lives different paths - boyfriends, new friends, careers took different directions...
And as does happen in life, we drifted apart.

Not long after I started this blog, I had a surprise email from Amelia.
And funnily enough even the years apart we had both grown to have a love of interiors,
as Amelia said not surprising really.

Amelia is a very creative woman whether it be in fashion, photography, styling, writing - everything she touches. You may have even read some of her work in Australian home magazines.

The reason I'm posting this is Amelia needs our help.
A big ask of strangers I know, but one thing I have learnt about this blog community
is the compassion and care that people have.

 To explain a little bit more about her illness, here's some snippets from the Facebook Page that has been dedicated to her :

Initially, medical and health professionals thought Amelia had severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) together with some other complications involving significant breathing difficulties & constant shortness of
breath. But during the last 3 years Amelia has also developed ' EI ' Environmental Illness and ' MCS ' Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Reactive Airway Disease (RAD).  Much like the 'Girl in the Bubble',
Amelia is dealing with MULTIPLE issues every minute of every day and night … and for most of the time, she is completely alone in one room trying to manage.

She has been having back to back anaphylactic type reactions to most foods she ingests. She finally received indoor mold test results for her current apartment. The test results show high levels of toxic mold spores with active growth and the report recommends immediate relocation. Toxic mold exposure can be fatal and should not be taken lightly. Your daughter has test results showing a genetic inability to remove mold neurotoxins from her body and they are re-poisoning her as they recirculate over and over in her system. She has had severe breathing problems this last year and her health is at grave risk if she remains in her apartment.

Amelia's situation has become very extreme - she is now housebound and bedbound, and requires daily care - but she has no assets or income to improve her situation above the aid she receives from the government. She spends 22-24 hours a day alone without help or companionship, just wasting away while she breathes in more toxic mold spores every minute. She can barely access the Internet from her phone due to severe electromagnetic sensitivity, and cannot read any books or magazines due to the fumes from the printing inks. For such a previously vibrant woman who is still so young and has her whole life ahead of her, this is just not acceptable. She is trying to organize fundraisers locally but we are afraid her time is running out and she needs to be relocated quickly in order to save her life. The life threatening reactions to food are becoming more frequent and her body is not accepting many foods at this point.

You can read the full letter from her mum by clicking here :

Letter from Amelia's mum

If you would like to donate to Heal Amelia's Life, to help her move into a safer environment that will save her life, you can make a donation here at the FB page dedicated to her.

UPDATE : Sorry the link isn't currently working. I am trying to gain some more information so that if you like you can donate. Please check back shortly.

Amelia might not read this post anytime soon, but Amelia I am sending out all the good energies I can to you and wish for your relocation to happen very soon so you can regain your life back.

Thinking of you



  1. Sarah, I'm so saddened to read this story about your friend, it sounds horrible and I cannot imagine how hard life must be for Amelia right now. Sending my love and lots of positive thoughts xx

  2. Very touching, I'd like to contribute, but the link does not work.

  3. :-( I can't believe that this is happening to her!

  4. It's really heart touching blog and i also have same problem as per alexis said in her comment. can you put working link? so we can contribute something.


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